Web Surfin pt. 1

Ya boy Mean Greene Fast-forwarding to the good parts.©Mr. Skin

Whaddup party people, welcome. This is the 1st ed. If you dig it, spread the word so we can make this piece blow.

*Ed Note-Until I can figure out something better you have to right-click open links in a new window.

Alright, now down to business.


With Jay, Nas, and Papoose albums on the horizon, is lyricism ready to make a comeback?

But are any of those dude really better than him?

Speaking of King Hova tha 1st, Do you really want to hear Kingdom Come if it’s just 13 tracks of ‘I used to sell crack/Now I wear suits’ metaphors?

And, does anybody really want to see a beef between Beans and Jay?

And where the hell is anybody?

In fairness though, shouldn’t we be hearing from Tru Life, Sam Scarfo, Aztek, or some damn body really soon? [1]

But I digress…

After seeing this NBA 2k7 Video, wouldn’t a football game from them be pretty damn ill? [2]

Isn’t Ozone starting to look like the most non-biased Mag out there? [3]

Pø®k Chºp$

Am I the only nigga that don’t watch The Wire?

Can you honestly tell me Britney could’nt still get it? [4]

Will Sony pull a Zenith when the PS3 flops?

I’m about a dollar, wtf is…..

Since it appears 50 is moving on is it safe to say Lloyd Banks is about to flop?

And aint it about time we admit Hot Rod, may be kinda, um, hot?

I cant survive without my….

Aint it kinda funny style for LL to be running with to 50 Cent to stay relevant? LOL @ Second Paragraph, First Sentence, btw.

And wouldnt his clothing sell more if it were made for 99% of his fans?

Totally Random…

Can somebody go to Baseline and hang Young Guru over a balcony like Drama until we get a Saigon album?

I know that last link was more about Cube, but it’s like we gotta fool niggas into waking on up on his new banger.

And from a godfather of gangsta rap, to…

Should I be ashamed to admit that I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan? [5]

Should I care what your answer is to that question?

[1] I’ll even take that N.O.R.E. reggaeton album…
[2] Even a generic game would be banoodles.
[3] Smh @ InterscopeXL Magazine
[4] Smh @ me for digging the K-Fed song (Guess I’m up for anything after a few listens to New Joc City!)
[5] New genre: Gangsta Pop…No? Ok I tried.


One Response to “Web Surfin pt. 1”

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